The Medical center LAUNER gave birth from the conviction as the life is most precious gift which have it and as the the peoples deserve all cares and our fully consideration.

Therefore, from first day of the Center, were insured all necessary conditions achieved this: proper spaces, endowment to European standards with medical high-performance apparatae, medical equip composed from doctors specialists, guarantee of the confidential personal data of the pacients.

LAUNER Medical Center is certified as having documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management standard :SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 / ISO 9001:2008,since 2010.

Certificate No. 1 ISO: Activities of specialized healthcare. General medical practice activities
Certificate No. 2 ISO: General Ultrasound - abdomen and pelvis


Dr. MINESCU Bogdan MD cardiologist, chief of Cardiology departament of County emergency Hospital from Braila, author of 124 scientific papers and principal investigator IN national and international clinical trials.

Dr. PALADE Mioara Speranta Lucica - physician neuropsychiatry, former director of the Psychiatric Hospital ,,Elizabeth Lady" with an experience of over 40 years to treat adults and children

Dr. MUTICA Camelia Nicoleta - physician rheumatology, with 10 years professional experience

PETREA Irina - clinical psychologist experienced in psychological evaluation, speech therapy, child counseling and family

Medical staff own of LAUNER MEDICAL CENTER

Dr. GOLDURA Ionel - family medicine specialist certified by Complementary studies in health services management,api-phyto-aromatherapy and ultrasonography, resident (second specialisation ) in cardiology, with specialized courses in diagnostic and treatment by biophysical methods (Germany, 2009)

Dr. GOLDURA Neguta - physician family medicine certified Complementary studies api-phyto-aromatherapy and ultrasonography, MD, author of the first doctoral thesis in Romania ( 2011) which refers to the diagnosis and therapy by bioresonance, with specialisation in biophysical methods of diagnosis and treatment (Germany), resident (second specialisation) in rheumatology

Dr. ROLEA Ionel, internal medicine specialist with over 45 years activity in Galati County Hospital and outpatient, collaborator of LAUNER Medical Center since 3 years

As. Mocanu Silvia - general nurse, hired by LAUNER Medical Center since 2007, with experience in administering biophysical therapy, graduate courses emergency medicine

As. FATU Silvia-Cristina - nurse since 2012, having 4600 hours of clinical practice in the hospital, joined Launer Medical Center since August 2013

As. PINZARU Cristina - nurse practitioner, a graduate of Post High School Promotion 2011 Christiana, with skills and experience in elder care, acquired during a stint of seven months training conducted in a care home for the elderly in Belgium

ASAFTEI Mariana - receptionist with experience of 8 years in administrative medical units

Dr. MARIN Corina - physician family medicine ,with enterprise competence in medicine, who led the MIA Galati County Medical Center

Dr. CRISTEA Marian - physician family medicine with competence in general ultrasonography, who worked in the MIA Braila County Medical Center.

Dr. CALINOV Rodica - physician family medicine , having jurisdiction in general echography and acupuncture, which has developed an extensive activity in the dispensary CFR Galati

As. CRACIUN Georgiana - Gabriela - generalist nurse, a graduate of program study in general nursing in the Faculty of Medicine of the University Dunarea de Jos Galati and graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science Galati, having qualification in automation engineering