1. Many kinds of disease may be successfully treated with this therapy, provided no irreversible destruction of body tissues has occured (allergies, food intolerances, environmental poisoning, functional circulatory diseases of the heart, acute and chronic pain states, inflammations, metabolic and psychosomatic illnesses.

2. The biophysical therapy improves the mid-term and long-term prognosis and attenuate the symptoms in many chronic and degenerative illnesses.

3. It assure the body support during the pre-and post-operative care period or during chimio/ radio therapy.

4. This is a physiological method, with no side-effects and for this reason is especially suitable for use with sick children.

5. MORA-therapy helps the elimination of the dependencies through special programs (renunciation at tobacco, coffee, alcohol etc.).

6. It contributes to stress-therapy (management of stress).

7. The biophysical therapy improves the general status of the pacient: physical, mental and emotional, with re-discover of the joy of live and optimism and in this way, with a better social integration of the pacient.

8. The biophysical therapy respects the principles of the allopathist medicine (it permits the supervision of disease evolution).

9. This therapy can be applied in ambulatory.

10. The therapy by biophysical methods assure the decrease of the costs with the hospitalization and medication.